Social Interactions through Social CRM Explained

If you interact with customers, is it automatically a type of social interaction? There are various degrees of interactions associated with social CRM.

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In social CRM, what are the levels of interaction from a customer’s perspective?

1. Customers voice out their opinion or feedback but doesn’t require any response from you. This is a classic monologue that customers do. They say what they want to say but they need your action – not a response.

2. Customers needed your acknowledgement not necessarily your response. These customers are just venting their disappointment and frustrations that they just want you to recognize it. Your response may or may not be necessary but they would gladly accept it.

3. Customers are the one doing the talking. When customers want to “talk” with you, they just want to talk and you would listen.

4. Customers ask for information until they get satisfied. From a customer’s perspective, this might look like a normal thing they do but in social CRM this is actually “social pressure.”

5. Customers talk to you and let’s others join the conversation. For businesses, this is called customer’s objectivity. They do this to push their opinions or views forward.

6. Customers who are like-minded tend to gather in one community. When customers talk to you and they’re in one community, this is like icing on a cake. You have to delve deeper into this community in order to get the taste of what the community is, which is important in social CRM.

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