Using Social Media a Significant Part of Your CRM

Experts in CRM would say that “Social CRM” is simply inappropriate so we will cover those social media-enabled functions and capacities as plain CRM. For the last two decades, we have seen the integration of social capabilities into CRM considering it is one of the means that customers can communicate with companies. In fact, this is the trend we’re currently seeing.

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Experts are right – “Social CRM” seem inappropriate. But the term “social” is a big modifier to CRM, which doesn’t just happen overnight. There are several reasons why this is so – all of the reasons are overcome with a change in attitude and perspective. In fact, this is even more effective than the implementation of several technological applications.

If you’re a business entrepreneur, you should start using social media integrated into your CRM system. A large number of businesses still have not recognized how much data they can collect from social media and how useful they are when fed into CRM. It becomes painfully ironic that business owners would buy social media-integrated CRM application but they do not fully utilize the function.


Typical reluctance in adapting to technological changes just because they are used to how things work.

Organizational attitude is one of the things that downplays the importance of social media in CRM. Business owners think that the only reason social media exists is for advertising and broadcasting when they can use it as an intelligence platform.

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