Boosting Marketing Efforts using Flowcharts as a Visual Tool

“Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection.” – Beth Comstock

Business growth (both organic and inorganic), when joined with articulated expansion strategies, represents a key goal for modern business owners, commercial operators, and entrepreneurs. Such growth hinges heavily on the success of coherent marketing tactics and shrewd business development initiatives. Therefore, operators of a modern business must invest in boosting marketing efforts as part of plans to diversify business operations, seek new markets, expand the customer base, generate higher profits, and raise the commercial profile. In this context, the expanse and mechanics inherent in a flowchart diagram can assist business operators in the mission of boosting marketing efforts. Such illustrations enable operators to ideate, drive innovation, outline the contours of new marketing strategies, extract higher mileage from legacy business tactics and techniques, and out-compete rival businesses in different parameters.

A commercial operator should consider boosting marketing efforts as part of a plan to expand business into new territories. Flowcharts can aid this venture by chalking a route that includes various stages: significant investments of time and money, creating new budgets for online marketing, scoping locations for pop-up stores, inviting digital influencers to try a new brand or product, buying advertising space in brick-and-mortar locations, etc. Such a plan enables the sponsor enterprise realize the task of boosting marketing efforts while positioning the brand for success in new markets. In addition, the flowchart serves as a platform to prototype similar strategies and embellish them with additional inputs. The outcomes could include the capture of a larger share of customers’ mindshare and an enhanced presence in new locations.

Digital entrepreneurs can inaugurate the project of boosting marketing efforts by authoring blog posts, online videos and podcasts in addition to designing unique posts for social media platforms, launching microsites, landing pages, etc. Such entrepreneurs can position their flagship products on many locations as part of efforts to boost traction with online audiences. A detailed roadmap, when sketched inside a flowchart, can help the entrepreneur enhance visibility and attract the attentions of new user segments. We note the flowchart must include certain metrics that help the sponsor enterprise register progress and assess the outcomes of boosting marketing efforts. In addition, the contents of the illustration gain heft and relevance when sponsors enlist inputs from specialists. Further, insights sourced from past campaigns can help refine such contents.

Further, brands can undertake the project of boosting marketing efforts by investing in digital campaigns that are native to social media platforms. Pursuant to this, brands can act to raise brand awareness, generate fresh sets of sales leads, increase their levels of community engagement, distribute premium content to users, unleash SEO-driven strategies to drive online traffic, invest in digital advertisements, etc. These elements, when positioned inside a flowchart, enable the sponsor brand to mark its presence in customers’ mindscapes, thus courting unqualified success for marketing efforts. In addition, efforts aimed at boosting marketing efforts could include online celebrity endorsements and special events designed to spur fan/enthusiast communities in the online domain.

Retail business operators may invest in flowcharts as a planning tool that enables them to visualize the act of boosting marketing efforts. The core stages inside the illustration could include motivating customers with a bespoke loyalty program, sponsoring industry events, creating and broadcasting information hubs for customers, leveraging free marketing channels, crafting unique shopping experiences for customers, devising attractive signage for placement inside shop fronts, periodically creating a sense of urgency in a bid to move the needle on in-store sales, etc. These elements, when wielded with skill, enable operators to forge ahead in competitive markets and describe a picture of business success. Each element could emerge as a microcosm of the modern marketing universe. A slew of tactics can emerge from each element, thereby diversifying the visual image projected by the flowchart.

Modern fashion enterprises (or top-notch designers) that operate a flagship presence on the World Wide Web can approach the task of boosting marketing efforts through digital marketing techniques and devices. A flowchart enables operators to fashion innovative marketing strategies that hinge on re-targeting visitors with digital advertisements, boosting conversion rates through online promotions, creating and giving away style-guides to the modern connoisseurs of fashion, encouraging new customers to follow the sponsor on social media, collaborate with influencers to gain fresh audiences, accumulate significant levels of social proof, build gifting-guides for followers of fashion, etc. We note such efforts at boosting marketing efforts must undergo expert and constant execution at all levels before they signal business success for sponsors.

Flash mobs, referrals, free classes, tasting sessions, health workshops, charity events, etc. can add flavor and momentum to campaigns designed for boosting marketing efforts. For instance, a new non-alcoholic beverage brand can gain significant levels of publicity by deploying these elements in a competitive market. Flowcharts can help brand strategists steer the pace and depth of the campaign, assess the quality of outcomes, examine various stages of the campaign from different perspectives, and implement tweaks to gain maximum mileage. We note such diagrams, and their many editions, can prove instructive to the brand managers of the advertised product. Insights and intelligence that emanate from the campaign can help position and re-position the brand in the future. Additionally, flowcharts can empower the brand to re-invent itself as part of a program to boost its relevance in the market.

A data-driven approach to modern marketing remains crucial to the success of an articulated marketing campaign. Such a stance must include elements such as A/B testing, customer segmentation, persona targeting, KPI dashboards, the use of predictive analytics to assess sales opportunities, the integration of certain marketing strategies, and a drive to create better user experiences, among others. Such elements can be positioned inside a digital diagram in a bid to evolve a smart marketing campaign. For instance, automobile manufacturers can deploy such a strategy as part of the marketing efforts to sell a new vehicle in certain markets. An interesting mix of these elements helps such manufacturers in boosting marketing efforts while spotlighting the new vehicle in the attention spans of modern buyers and customers.

Influencers that operate on social media platforms represent an innovative force that can boost marketing efforts. Some gurus in the domain of modern marketing aver influencer-driven marketing is a better alternative to traditional media in contemporary times. Therefore, brand custodians can harness the power of influencers to drive reach and engagement, expand the presence of a brand in crowded markets, acts as brand evangelists, and fashion a unique visual and aural flavor for a sponsor brand. In addition, influencers remain instrumental in winning the trust of buyers and customers, a fact that can significantly boost the marketing campaign of a sponsor brand. The mechanics inherent inside a modern flowchart can empower such brands to delineate a unique influencer-driven strategy that enables them to attain a pole position in the marketing sweepstakes.

The denizens of modern commerce could consider these tactics and strategies to frame outstanding efforts that elevate the quality of a marketing campaign. Flowcharts and associated illustrations can serve as the handmaidens of such strategies. The sheer depth of vision offered by such diagrams also empowers the architects of modern marketing to review and refresh legacy strategies and re-purpose these in tune with the demands of modern markets.

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