Checkmate competition through Customer Service Excellence

Technology and globalization has literally opened the floodgates and there are countless players in the market today offering the same products or services. The options, placed before the customer, are mind-boggling, but also put the customer in the seat of power. Tight budgets and self-corroding price wars seem to be taking a toll on companies, especially smaller ones. However, companies that know how to tailor their customer service and delight their customers in every interaction will be the ones to checkmate competition in the long run. Customers want to be valued and see a range of unique customer service techniques to determine whether they stay with you or go to your competitor. Let customer service excellence be your defining factor leaving your customer no option but to stay with you. Empathy, trust, openness, politeness and customized solutions must be the basis of your customer service to consistently checkmate competition and keep you ahead. Let’s list out some of the ways to trip your competition and leave them behind:

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1. In retail stores for example – buying is normally a family affair. So you would have the parents with their kids in tow. Shopping may not be as interesting or exciting for the tots and so creating an area of fun especially for them with the complex would be an innovative way to serve your customer. The kids will be charmed enough to insist that their parents shop in your store every time. Parents too will be happy to oblige since they are able to shop at leisure while their little ones are ecstatic over getting the chance to try the new swing or game. Charming those who matter to your main customer is a sure way to checkmate competition and get enhanced business.

2. Practice innovation and creativity. Think out of the ordinary and introduce the element of surprise. Knowing your customer well will enable you to think of ways to enhance your customer service levels to excellence thereby building customer loyalty. A friend working as an Administration Head was particularly fond of a cine star – actually quite crazy about him. She had mentioned it in passing to one of the staff members at the hotel she was staying at. The next evening she was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic when the staff told her that her favourite star was visiting the hotel. She would be the guest of honour of the hotel’s General Manager who was leading the welcome for the star. It was a small yet unexpected surprise for her as a customer. The hotel used the information about their customer and gave her a surprise for a lifetime. Every travelling member (there is a significant number of travellers) of the company she works for use only this hotel every time they visit the city. Way to beat competition and gain sustained business!

3. Recognizing customers and greeting them with their name works like magic to pleasing them. Customers love buying from people they are comfortable with and who like them. Everyone likes working with friends or in a friendly atmosphere. Device methods to remember even customers who are returning after a span of time – they are sure to come back to you more often and the next time will probably do so with family and friends. There – this just served to checkmate competition!

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4. Running a bakery shop selling delectable sweet and savoury items, a friend is doing brisk business. She adds to the charm of her shop by decorating it with a number of potted flowering plants. On one occasion she unexpectedly ran out of a key ingredient and rang up her vendor to send it immediately. The vendor expressed inability to send it before the next couple of hours. Having no choice she agreed. When the delivery boy arrived she was overwhelmed to find not only what she had asked for but an extra amount and a large beautiful watering can for her plants. There was a handwritten note from the owner apologizing for the delay and complimenting her on the well-maintained plants. Do you think that she would ever consider taking her business elsewhere? Her vendor’s competition doesn’t stand a chance because the vendor chose to go all out to please his customer even though the reason for delay was unavoidable. He provided value-added service aimed at customer loyalty and held in high esteem what was clearly important to his customer. He paid attention to other important details of his customer and chose to delight her beyond words.

4. Be someone your customer can trust and depend on. Reliability is about doing what you say will do and delivering well before the deadline and with the aim to exceed customer expectations. Your customer should be able to trust that you will come through on commitments irrespective of the odds. With such a formidable reputation to precede you, do you think your competition stands a chance to beat you?

5. Reliability also comes from being totally honest and transparent. Be open with your customers about what you can offer and also what you cannot. An upfront detailing of your pricing, payment and credit policy will make your customers trust you and always choose to do business with you. Put your competition out of business by adopting ‘honesty as your best policy’.

6. Make public all your internal strategies and innovative practices that would lead to enhanced levels of customer service. The more your customers understand about you, the more inclined they will be to stay with you. Prove your competence through constantly upgrading the service and products you offer. Provide top-notch customer service through the entire life of the relationship and request your customers to partner with you for success, by asking for feedback. Collate and put that feedback to good use allowing your customers to see that you value what they say. Who needs to worry about competition then – they will be left high and dry!

7. Displaying care and concern about your customer’s and their needs is a sure shot way to checkmate competition. Helping an elderly customer with the shopping bags or as Walmart’s store assistants walk with the customer to the aisle that holds the item they are looking for as opposed to pointing and saying ‘over there’ – all amount to care and concern for your customer. These actions cost nothing but have huge returns in the form of customer loyalty.

8. Openly show appreciation for your loyal customers. Send them a personalized email or a gift or even just a handwritten note since some customers do not accept gifts from vendors. Mention them on your webpages and social media sites. Such appreciation will make your customer feel important and special. Say thank you them as visibly as possible – when customers can perceive that you appreciate their business they will be more than willing to give you more of it. Visibility of this approach allows others to see it too, gaining prospective customers for your business. Anyone seen the competition? You would have completely stumped them. At best they can copy you, but you will be seen as leader and innovator of customer appreciation.

9. Try and be a special part of your customer’s life. It must not be an obtrusive approach but something that tells the customer that it is not just their business that is important to you. A hotel for example, can extend a complimentary night’s stay for the customer and spouse on their wedding anniversary. Imagine how valued the customer would feel! Remembering to send a cake or flowers on the birthdays of the customer and family members will leave your customer speechless with pleasure. These little gestures cost nothing but the payback is huge.
These well-thought out and seamlessly executed ways will elevate your customer service levels to greater heights in the eyes of the customer.

Being able to give more than the customer anticipated and wished for is the smart customer service move to checkmate competition and put them out for good.

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