Improving CSAT while increasing productivity of your customer service organization

Why does improving CSAT seem to be a challenge when you try to reduce the cost of customer service?

There are three problems that cause loss of productivity in any call center organization:

  • Search Problem – Customer Service Agents often have difficulty finding the right article & may find tens of articles that match the keywords they are searching for. While more experienced Agents have easier time locating the right article – high attrition and changing product & support knowledge cause this to be a continuous problem.
  • Traversal Problem – Going through an article while helping a customer on the phone is another problem faced by Agents. They have to translate the linearly written article into an interaction with the customer – providing incremental guidance at each step, ask a follow-on question & hop around to a different section of the article depending upon the the user’s answer to their question. This traversal problem also leads to some 10% of calls getting escalated from L1 to L2 support – even though the information was right there in the article for the Agent to address the issue.
  • Documentation Problem – Agents spend a few minutes at the end of each call to summarize what they did to address the customer issue. This documentation is subjective, inconsistent & appears as a blob of text from which the organization cannot derive any insights.

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