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Modern digital technologies are a great enabler in contemporary work lives and personal pursuits. The modern consumer can use specialized flowchart apps to create detailed diagrams on smartphones and connected consumer tablet devices. We note flowchart apps represent a remarkable extension of digital technologies into the work lives of modern professionals such as software developers and engineers. These apps enable us to create detailed illustrations of technical, engineering, scientific, and commercial processes inside portable electronic devices. We will examine some of the premier flowchart apps in the paragraphs below.

LucidChart represents a modern ability to create and analyze flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts, and various other software-enabled diagrams. This collaboration tool offers online capabilities so that more than one person can review, modify, create, and extend digital flowcharts. Among all flowchart apps, LucidChart empowers workers and professionals to use this cloud-based work tool through multiple online browsers. Flowchart designers can share and publish their unique creations through connected tablet devices. This app offers users a large library of objects and templates for use in constructing a flowchart. The products of such endeavors can be exported to various file formats such as PDF, JPEG, and PNG images. LucidChart is engineered with enterprise-level security and admin controls that enable authorized personnel to collaborate in real time on a wide range of work projects. However, each individual flowchart can be extended to include only 60 objects. LucidChart offers users a free trial for 7 days and a basic account with single user is priced at $4.95 per month. A team of three users can simultaneously use this flowchart app for $20 per month.

Software maker Microsoft offers a commercial flowchart application, the Visio, as part of its family of software products. Users can use this Windows-only app to create flowcharts, software prototypes, organizational charts, and various diagrams. Buyers can download and install the app for a free trial that extends to 30 days. Visio offers enterprise grade security but is confined to a single user. It is not engineered for work collaboration between teams in real time. However, it does allow users to share and publish any creations and flowcharts built using this app. This Microsoft product can be integrated with Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, SQL Azure, and SharePoint. Among all available flowchart apps, this app does appear to be engineered with certain limitations. The Visio Standard 2016 edition is priced at $299.99 while Visio Professional 2016 edition offers full features for $589.99.

Creately is a flowchart app developed and marketed by Cinergix. Buyers in the market for flowchart apps can consider using this product because it promotes collaborative diagramming endeavors and works in both offline and online modes. Creately helps users to initiate diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes, and mind maps; it offers integration with plug-ins such as FogBugz Server, Confluence Server, and JIRA. This app allows mobile work groups to collaborate with desktop-based workforces. Users of Creately have the option to pursue their projects in private digital spaces and may invite clients to review progress and post comments. This feature makes for real time and effective project collaboration. Different work teams that collaborate on flowchart apps can initiate, create, and manage multiple projects in Creately; this app also allows them to use digital tags to review progress on multiple projects. A free version of this app operates in the cloud but is limited to three collaborators and five public diagrams. Users can opt for a personal version of this cloud-powered app with unlimited diagrams and projects priced at $5 per month. Similarly, a team version of this app is available for use by workgroups for $25 per month. Online users of the premium version of this app can pay $75 per year for personal use only. The desktop version of the Creately app for work teams costs about $40 per user per year.

Pidoco is a cloud-based collaboration tool designed for wire framing, prototyping activities, and flowcharts. This app allows teams to collaborate in real time and enables them to publish and share their digital creations. Users can use Pidoco to design and develop flowcharts, organizational charts, website clickable wireframes, digital blueprints, and software prototypes. Pidoco allows users to integrate the app with Planio and JIRA and export flowcharts as vector files, PNG images, and as HTML. Enterprise grade security and administrative controls are built into this flowchart app. This app is engineered to promote real time collaborative prototyping and allows reviewers and users to log feedback on various projects. Users of this app have the ability to use drag and drop mechanisms in their projects; this allows them to create prototypes for interactive graphic user interfaces. Pidoco is one of the flowchart apps that offers inbuilt communication tools to promote concerted efforts of developers, test users, decision makers, clients, and customers. The makers of Pidoco offer users free trials for 31 days. A starter edition allows users to create two active projects at a price of $12 per month. The standard edition allows for eight active projects at a cost of $25 per month. Premium and Platinum users have access to a large number of active projects for prices ranging from $55 per month to $175 per month.

Balsamiq is one of the flowchart apps that allows users to use a computing device to sketch on the proverbial ‘white board’. This digital wire framing tool enables users to build and share flowcharts, website wireframes, UML designs, mind maps, and software prototypes. The maker of  Balsamiq has collaborated with search engine operator Google. This collaboration enables users to create low-fidelity wireframe designs within Google Drive.  Balsamiq allows users to publish and share their creations with co-workers and reviewers. The flowcharts can be exported as PNG images and as PDF files. The app also features enterprise grade security mechanisms and tight administrative control systems. Feedback mechanisms are engineered within Balsamiq so that clients and customers can offer commentary and development tips to engineers and software developers. The focus here is one content and interaction to enable a better product. Agile software development teams can use Balsamiq to refine their creations in line with customer demands and client requirements.  Balsamiq offers users a free trial for 30 days and a single user license costs $89. Teams can consider the use of this flowchart app and must pay $178 for 2 users. The paid licenses can be upgraded in tune with project requirements.

In the preceding paragraphs, we have surveyed some of the popular flowchart apps available for commercial use. We note these apps represent an evolution of collaborative working technologies that have emerged in the age of digital ubiquity. Multiple teams and levels of corporate hierarchy can access these apps to review progress registered in work projects, add comments, seek client validation, and spur productivity. Developers and software engineers are working to add functionality to these apps with a view to improve the user experience and drive mass adoption at the enterprise level. These flowchart apps offer users diverse pricing plans; these are targeted at individual users and at teams of developers and engineers. The ultimate aim of these apps is to drive productivity in the digital age and help users to operate on the same page.

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