Using Customer Feedback to gain Top Spot in Search Engine Results

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“Large brands can ride the waves of backlinks, mentions, and other social signals to boost their content to the top of search engine results. Customer feedback, when allied to social media reach, helps propel such action,” –

The age of the Internet permeates every aspect of modern life. Websites, social media, instant messaging platforms, hashtags, video viewing and sharing services, search engines, customer feedback, and online shopping dominate the public discourse. Therefore, commercial operators need to establish and reinforce a viable presence in the online domain in their attempts to drive business outcomes. One of the techniques is manifest in deploying customer feedback to drive top spot in search engine results. This is significant because higher ratings drive customer conversions. We will elaborate on this strategy below.

Brands and businesses must acknowledge the fact that the voice of the customer comprises the core of customer feedback. In line with this, they must encourage customers to provide unvarnished feedback through online media properties. Websites can present online forms to customers to harvest such feedback. This strategy enables a brand to achieve top spot in search engine results. Further, commercial operators must encourage every online visitor to speak their mind by proving feedback.

A wide funnel of customer feedback should work to the advantage of modern business enterprises. Therefore, businesses must work to integrate online feeds from multiple relevant social media handles onto their flagship websites. This approach ensures high visibility for customer feedback, thereby driving a top spot in search engine results. We note that this strategy hinges on the assumption that intelligent businesses carry constant conversations with their social media fans and customers. These conversations can trigger multiple threads of feedback that elevate business presence in search engine results.

The modern Internet prizes video content; it is a known fact that websites and handles that bear video content tend to rank higher in search engine results pages. Therefore, business operators should commission the creation of video interviews of satisfied customers in a bid to frame their feedback in said medium. These video artefacts can be positioned prominently on websites in a bid to achieve top spot in search engine results. Further, said video products must feature prominently in video sharing websites in a concerted strategy designed to gain widespread traction among online audiences.

Businesses often create micro sites in the cyber domain with a view to promote a certain product line or a special project. These micro sites operate as distinct entities outside of the primary websites. Therefore, the sponsors of these micro sites should invite customers to register their feedback inside the micro sites. The focussed nature of customer feedback on these sites should enable enterprises to attain a top spot in search engine results. That said, we note that sponsors should ensure they are offering top-notch products and projects on said micro sites. The quality assumes importance because it can ensure positive feedback from clients and customers.

Efficient and elegant social media strategies enable modern businesses to boost their brand presence in cyber space. Therefore, brands and businesses can use hashtags on their social media handles in a bid to attract the voice of the customer. For instance, a manufacturer of carbonated beverages can initiate a hashtag-powered campaign to promote its latest product. We note that hashtags help to sustain a focussed campaign; therefore, customers that use specific hashtags in their feedback can trigger outcomes that include a top spot in search engine results. In light of the above, we encourage businesses to explore the creative power of hashtags in marketing campaigns.

The number of customer reviews and volume of feedback bear a direct co-relation to search engine rankings. Therefore, brands and businesses should incentivise customers to post reviews and feedback. The rewards can include an online acknowledgement or a shout out on social media platforms. Additionally, customers that pen detailed reviews and feedback can be offered special points or electronic coupons to ease their next transaction. We note that these strategies hinge on the sheer number of reviews; they also ensure a top spot in search engine results.

Customer engagement is a preeminent mantra in modern times. Keeping this in mind, brands and businesses must create opportunities for customer engagement by responding to customer reviews and feedback. This action is essentially a form of acknowledgement that boosts commercial conversations. The additional online traffic generated from such conversations can attain significant proportions, thereby driving online brand mentions to a top spot in search engine results. We note that these conversations also generate additional information from consumers and customers. This information can be harvested when a business embarks on new product development initiatives.

Intelligent business enterprises should invest effort and resources in third party review websites. This approach enables a brand to generate better reviews and higher volumes of feedback. For instance, a manufacturer of consumer electronic devices can elect to send its customers links to third party review websites. The recipients can author their considered reviews and post the same on said websites. Product names and brand imagery should figure prominently on these reviews. The outcomes may include better brand promotion and a top spot in search engine results. That said, we must add that brands and businesses should relentlessly pursue such strategies in a bid to drive commercial returns.

Businesses should engineer their product pages with high definition product images in a bid to enable easy discovery by search engines. This is important because product pages register a significant number of customer reviews and feedback. We note that the visual representation of a product is critical because visuals drive human perception of a brand or product. That said, we note that products must be flawlessly crafted in order to encourage positive customer reviews. The combination of these factors should enable a brand to attain top spot in search engine results.

Best selling products should find pride of place in every business enterprise. Therefore, a business should position its best sellers prominently on its website. This positioning ensures that customer feedback and reviews from delighted consumers will find a top spot in search engine results. We note that this strategy hinges on the sustained quality of products. Therefore, brands and businesses must work to create and sustain a positive image of a best seller. That said, innovation should enable market operators to create and develop new versions of such products, thereby reinforcing a brand image in the public eye.

In the preceding paragraphs, we have explored some of the techniques that enable businesses to leverage customer feedback as part of concerted efforts to achieve top spot in search engine results. We note that modern businesses operate in fiercely competitive markets and search engines often represent the stepping-stones in consumer research. Therefore, a high ranking in search engine return pages is an essential business tool that must be achieved and sustained at all times. That said, we must dissuade businesses from undertaking illegal or unfair actions in a bid to boost such rankings. The outcomes of such actions can be damaging. However, we encourage business enterprises to continue to invest in such techniques, refine the tactics, and repose their faith in modern technologies. In addition, commercial operators must prize the voice of the customer because listening skills are vital in personal and business domains.

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