Using Social Media to Promote Events and Gain Attendees

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“Social media has emerged as an efficient and effective way to promote the events that brands host, sponsor, or attend. Whether you have a small local gathering or a large conference, social media can be used to get the word out in a powerful way,” – Shep Hyken

Commerce and commercial organizations need the benefit of constant exposure to the public eye and high brand awareness in order to thrive in competitive, modern markets. In response to these requirements, brands and businesses have worked to evolve certain mechanisms that are designed to elevate brand visibility in the public domain. A significant mechanism involves the leveraging of social media platforms with a view to promote events and gain attendees. We must note that social media platforms offer a surfeit of techniques that can help interested brands and businesses to activate event promotions well in advance of the actual events. We intend to examine some of these techniques in the paragraphs below.

Custom graphics for designated speakers and special guests at an event represent an interesting approach to promote events and gain attendees. The organizers of the business can design custom graphics in order to promote a certain commercial event. These graphical representations should be forwarded to all speakers and special guests through email with the message that recipients are free to share said graphics on their social media handles, personal blogs, and Internet web pages. These graphics can be designed to include the time, date, and location of the promotional event. An image or a likeness of the speaker can be included to put a human face to the graphic design. Additional sites for publicity may include electronic billboards because these platforms are widely viewed by masses of current and prospective customers. We must note that this technique will likely create significant promotional buzz on the Internet, thereby achieving the goal of using social media to promote events and gain attendees.

Brands and businesses can create an event listing on a particular social media website in a bid to attract wide online publicity. This technique offers proven benefits when the aim is to promote events and gain attendees. Brand followers can be encouraged to share the event listing on their own home pages in order to amplify the message. Industry observers note that this technique helps to attract online traffic and ignite conversations that lead to significant spikes in event promotion. That said, we must note that visitors and followers should be encouraged to bookmark these event listings so that the social media platform can trigger automatic alerts for the benefit of those that intend to attend.

A business can choose to create videos of advance interviews with event speakers and special guests. Snippets of these interviews can be posted in online social media handles in a bid to whet the appetites of social media audiences. We must note that videos represent an essential business communication tool that can be harnessed to raise awareness about upcoming promotional events. Video communications invariably attract significant levels of customer attention and therefore, must be leveraged to attract and retain customers’ attention. This promotional technique can help businesses to promote events and gain attendees, thereby ensuring the success through mass attendance at the event or programme.

Promotional events hosted by businesses need not be dour and can be highly exciting. Brands and businesses can amplify the fun quotient by posting images and pictures of past events hosted by a certain business. The images should depict a variety of attendees enjoying themselves. Posed photographs of contest winners posted on social media handles can attract online attention, thereby creating momentum designed to promote events and gain attendees. That said, we must note that excitement exerts a universal allure and therefore, the images described above can help to attract new attendees to a promotional event. The use of social media vehicles is paramount in such strategies that are calibrated to promote events and gain attendees.

An event-specific hashtag can help business strategists to create ever wider circles of recognition across multiple digital channels. Brands and businesses must acknowledge the fact that hashtags represent a native device in social media platforms. The said hashtag allows online audiences to find relevant information about an upcoming event. The hashtag assumes greater importance when it is shared by online audiences to create deeper levels of awareness. Hashtags can be shared across event websites, email campaigns, social media handles, and relevant mobile apps. We must note that the creation and marketing of an event-specific hashtag adds priceless momentum to efforts designed to promote events and gain attendees.

Business and brand strategists can take the initiative to create and expand online conversations with event speakers, special guests, attendees, and other event participants. These conversations should represent an attempt to promote events and gain attendees. The creation of a social buzz is likely to follow in the afterglow of such conversations, thereby boosting the likelihood of high attendance numbers. We must note that such conversations can help to unveil a diversity of views and opinions from all concerned. This diversity is crucial in the creation of high levels of excitement and interests in promotional events.

Thought leaders and industry luminaries can be engaged in online conversations when a brand is working to create publicity for a promotional event. For instance, a software manufacturer that is gearing itself to launch a new version of its flagship operating system should speak to leading lights in its industry domain and tap their thoughts through online conversations. This strategy can be extremely helpful in attracting the interests of a wide range of online constituents, thereby helping the said manufacturer to promote events and gain attendees. The crux of this technique operates on the premise that the famous names would offer their own original insights into a business situation, thereby helping to inform and shape the opinions of millions of industry followers.

Events that happened behind the scenes at previous promotional events can be spotlighted in a bid to promote events and gain attendees. These actions should unfold on social media platforms in a calibrated manner that is designed to pique user interest. For instance, photos, images, and voices of past participants can be electronically processed to form a collage of vintage events. This collage can be mounted on appropriate social media handles in a bid to attract customer attention. The ‘retro’ feel of these visual documents can help a business to boost its ‘cool’ quotient, thereby attracting the attention and curiosity of fresh groups of attendees and event goers.

In the preceding paragraphs, we have examined a few of the social media-powered techniques that can help a brand or a business to promote and event and boost event attendance. Every brand or business should invest thought and resources in the planning stages, while taking care not to create any oversights. We must bear in mind that social media is a diversified platform and therefore, brand managers and event strategists should use their imagination in a bid to leverage the full capabilities of social media platforms. Heavy attendance at promotional events can pay rich dividends. Therefore, every iota of corporate energy should be invested in ensuring the success of a promotional event.

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