Best Ways To Collect Feedback About Improving Your Call Center Scripts

Yonyx can help you create better interactive internal  call center scripts.
Yonyx can help you create better interactive internal call center scripts.

Modeling and remodeling a call center script should be an ongoing process. A call center being a department that enhances good customer care; scripts should be recreated each time to suit the needs of the agents. Recreation of several scripts should be an obvious principle for a call center manager.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

However, we know that recreation of call center scripts is not an easy thing; you need to get feedback and suggestions from different parties. These methods can help your company gain feedback that will influence the recreation of better call scripts. Read along.

Collect data

When agents receive outbound calls from customers, they get an opportunity to listen and talk to the customer. The manner how communication flows is highly determined by the script agent’s use. We have customers who feel the conversation was personalized while others sense that agents are reading from a script. All these views and data collected from clients can influence recreation of a call script.

Collect Performance statistics

A call center that keeps track of all its calls can use performance statistics to recreate a script. Call duration for instance can show a script writer its simplicity or complexity. An agent taking few minutes to attend to a client shows that the script is too simple this is a good feedback. If the agents are struggling with a script, it means it is too complex forcing them to take a lot of time on a call.

Talking to agents and supervisors

Agents and supervisors are the best people to talk to since they are directly involved with the script. From the experience of answering calls, they can tell that a script is too long and complex or brief and simple. They are ideally the best people that will influence recreation of a call script.

You can use Yonyx in-house to improve your call center scripts among other things. Contact us to learn more.

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