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by | Apr 16, 2014 | Automate Support, Customer Support, Knowledgebase

When it comes to running a call center business, there are times when you are required to have scripts regardless whether an account is inbound or outbound. It doesn’t matter either way because a script is the agent’s point of reference.

Agents sound natural with interactive software guide

Agents sound natural with interactive software guide

However, customers don’t like to hear agents who sound “scripted.” This is the reason you need a system that will allow your agents to sound natural. This system could be the revolutionary interactive software guide, which more and more companies are now using.

Yonyx enables organizations to create multi-media flowcharts that provide customers an interactive self-service experience similar to interacting with a live Agent.

How can the interactive software guide help in operating your call center business?

The very first advantage that you can get from an interactive software guide is allowing your agents to sound natural in all customer interactions. As previously mentioned, customers don’t like to hear scripted agents.

When customers call, they expect you to solve their issues or give them information right away. Nobody wants to wait – not even you. Therefore, the software makes things easier for your agents to pull out information related to the customer’s situation.

The agents can then turn the information as their “script” reference instead of relying on the previously crafted script your company has. So, instead of sounding scripted, your agents can be natural as they present the solutions or information to customers.

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