Challenges Facing Customer Experience Management in Established Enterprises

Established organizations face the biggest challenge today: adapting to fast changing times. Under traditional operational systems, organizational goals were different. Each organization had its own way of doing things. The generation of customers back then also got accustomed to that kind of service, but things are changing. These enterprises have a challenge managing todays’ customer experiences for a number of reasons.

Massive leadership splits are the first reason for the disparity between the old and new ways of customer experience management. Some business leaders are used to a certain way of doing things to the extent, they’ve forgotten about the need to innovate and change with market demands. You need to ensure your company’s leadership is in sync regarding adoption of new technologies—new customer engagement technologies and social CRM included.

The other challenge organizations are experiencing in customer engagement is reading the wrong needs in their attempt to serve customers better. A good example is providing slow, free wireless internet to your restaurant customers, yet 99% of them would happily pay for good speeds regardless. Your organization, should try reading current customer needs, and not relying on what they’ve known worked many for years in the past.

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