How To Effectively Use Decision Trees In Customer Service (Caution)

Decision trees will improve your business performance.
Decision trees will improve your business performance.

Decision trees estimate with enviable accuracy, the kind of customer responses you can expect or give for the best experience. Yet, they cannot be used randomly for just about everything. Truth is, your business cannot survive on customer decision trees alone to achieve the desired customer satisfaction. However, it can achieve greater customer satisfaction if is aware of these cautionary elements.

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Using them too early

Avoid the temptation to use decision trees to replace your humane interaction with customers. And one of the sloppiest ways this happens is when the decision tree is relied upon too early in the interaction with the customers.  It’s always best to take your time to gather as much information about your customers first, before deploying the decision tree to solve their problems.

Using untested decision trees

Using the wrong trees is simply the same as serving your customers wrongly. Your decision tree should be tested, retested and retested overtime to ensure that it cuts down all negative outcomes to a minimum. Always have a decision tree progression plan in your company to enable you tailor your responses and action depending on changing customer needs.

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