How to Manage Customer Service Using Social Media

Through social media pages, one comment from an account user goes public. Just as you can air your satisfaction on purchase of a product or service, you can also write your complaints about a poor service you received. These complaints are obviously not good for publicity. This has prompted people to effectively use social media to manage their customer service.

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Begin by responding to every tweet from customers. You are not the only one seeing the comments, the whole world is watching including your competitors. They can be compliments, complaints or even suggestions. By responding you show customers that you are ready to serve them. If it is a mistake on your side admit and rectify.

Do not just respond but be quick. Get back immediately to your online customer. He might be enquiring for a product or service from you. Customers want to be answered promptly especially when they want a product urgently. Few seconds of delay may get your competitors answering your customer.

Since you have a million followers on your social media page, be nice and polite to all of them. This is a platform that can get you many customers within seconds and also zero customers. Talk to everyone kindly no matter how they get back to you.

Using our professional yonices publishing system, you can do a lot for your customers on social media.

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