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Your knowledge base plays a big role in how successful your customer self service experience is. Research has shown that content is everything right now and businesses must put their all in creating a knowledge base that can help their customers.

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While many businesses do their bit in creating useful knowledge base for their customers, just a few really get it right. These tips will help you improve your knowledge base.

The first thing you must do is tailor make your knowledge base from your ultimate consumer: the customer. This way, you’re most likely to answer customer needs and queries just like you want them (without being physically engaged). In addition, tailoring your articles with what customers want ensures that you’re adoptive to everything that is changing in your industry, including sentiments and competition, for the benefit of your customers and business.

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The other way to improve your knowledge base is to let your best people write them. Use your best customer support representatives to do this. By doing this, you can create complete articles customers find useful enough, to not only call in with their problems, but improve their experience and save your business money.

Publishing Yonices (optimized customer self service articles, videos, guides, charts, etc) on your website can improve your customer experience in whatever industry you operate. We will help you optimize your self service experience.

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