How to Start Creating Knowledge Base for Your Company?

Your company’s knowledge base is like a repository of knowledge, which is very important to any business’ success. It provides an effective way for your company to store critical information especially in terms of technology, services and even products. This makes things a lot easier for your customers or partners to access and navigate the information whenever they need it.

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Furthermore, it is also beneficial for your staff thus increasing efficiency and productivity because your employees have a central hub for information.

How will you start building your company’s knowledge base?

Make sure you cover all basic information. Any material you use for marketing purposes must be utilized because usually they provide valuable information not only for customers but for your staff as well. The marketing materials usually contain data relevant to your services, programs, setups and products. You should ask questions like: “what must be done next?” or “how will I know that the installation was successful?”

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Stay organized. All information you include in your knowledge base must be kept organized so it is easier to navigate. This also prevents any mess or clutter thus preventing confusing in the process.

Reinforce with images or videos. Text heavy knowledge base is dull and boring. In order to be more dynamic, reinforce it with relevant images or videos that will help clarify issues for the end-users.

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