How To Set Smart Prices For Your Products and Services

Often times, business owners have no idea what to set their prices at. Lots of them will just pick a random number or settle on a price that is slightly below that of their competitors. Thankfully, there is a tried and true formula that can take into account factors like projected sales and annual income. It’s also important when pricing to consider what kind of customers you are looking to bring into your store. When it comes to customers, there are two basic types—value customers and price customers.

With a price customer, their biggest reason to buy from you is cost. They are looking to pay as little as possible, regardless of where they have to shop. Some people would argue that price customers are not as lucrative as value customers; however, the jury is still out on that one. Depending on a number of factors, your business may thrive by competing with others based on price.

On the other hand, value customers see price as secondary to the quality of the product they are receiving. Good customer service also comes into play when dealing with value customers.

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