Write The Best Knowledge Base For Your Customers

There are a variety of customer service tools that still work. Sometimes you do not need a call center to have a successful customer service. Instead of eagerly waiting for customers to call, you can still do without the office by letting customers have their way.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Simply create a knowledge base that customers can access anytime and get what they need. With a knowledge base, customers who complain when their phone calls are not answered will be relieved.

Here is how you can create a killer knowledge base article for your customers.

Create a knowledge base that addresses frequently asked questions by customers

The main purpose of creating a knowledge base is to solve customer’s needs. It is should provide a solution and not create one. Focus on the main questions asked by customer’s every time they call in. Address these questions in your article along with appropriate answers.

Make your articles clear

The writing style you use will attract many customers. Be clear and concise in your article. Remember your knowledge base should be favorable to customers. Use simple language that customers can easily understand without calling to inquire for further explanation.

Make easy-to-browse content

Make your knowledge base easy to get. Remember customers have been in the past frustrated when their phone calls are not answered. Make your knowledge base article easy to browse, quickly to get and accessible without asking for registrations.

Yonyx is a great way to organize your knowledge base. Let your customers serve themselves in the best way possible for free.

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