Useful Ideas when Building Your Knowledge Base

Building your knowledge base is all about consolidating answers to major questions about your company – functions, services and products. The consolidated information can be broken down into little chunks to remain organized and systematic as you build your knowledge base.

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Ideas When Building Your Knowledge Base

Content: If your company has relevant documents such as best practices, SOPs and whitepapers, all you have to do is use them for the content. Otherwise, you have to organize your thoughts and start brainstorming on what information you need to convey.

Get your team help you especially those who hold the “guru” titles in your company to categorize information from crucial and important to negligible content. Just make sure that everything is comprehensive, thorough and can reflect the company’s values. The content must be the collective knowledge shared within the organization.

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Presentation: Once you have organized the information necessary, navigation and ease of access are two of the things you need to consider next. Your company’s knowledge base must be easy to find and pleasant to look at. You must categorize the information so users won’t get confused. If you throw everything into one folder, the information you are trying to convey will not make any sense.

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