Insert Step between a Response and Step

Each interactive decision tree is an interconnection of guidance steps (step for short) and user responses (response for short). Yonyx platform provides a single click button for an Author to insert a step in an existing pathway. Each step may have multiple responses following it, while each response should connect to one guidance step. The example below shows a cold call script flow. Both responses, “Not Interested” and “Already have good rates” are connected to a “Rebuttal” step.

Inserting a step in an interactive decision tree made up of interconnected step and response nodes is very easy in Yonyx.

For customers who say they already have good rates, Author would like to insert a step to ask “Are you paying more than 7%?”. To do this, follow the steps given below:

1. Click on the response node, “Already have good rates”

2. Click on the button, “Insert Step”

Yonyx interactive decision tree platform makes it very easy for Authors to add a step in an existing dynamic call script.

3. A pop-up window now displays an animated sequence illustrating the addition of a new step and a new response node after the selected response node.

Yonyx Interactive Decision Tree based dynamic call scripts are made of step and response nodes. Authors can insert a step between a response node connected to a step.

4. Author can now follow the steps below to achieve the desired outcome:

Yonyx interactive decision trees are an interconnection of step and response nodes. Author can add a new step/response node pair with the click of a button.
  1. Edit the added step to ask the question, “Are you paying more than 7%?”
  2. Edit the added response node to, “Yes”
  3. Add a new response node for “No”
  4. Add a step following “No” to “Hangup”

Yonyx interactive decision trees are used for creating cold calling scripts, troubleshooting guides and business process guides for call centers, customer service and back office teams to follow consistent business processes.

Authors can leverage AI Assist to generate a call script within one of the guidance steps in Yonyx’s interactive decision tree. Yonyx platform is used in a wide range of industries with many decision tree examples in each industry such as Manufactured Goods, Engineering, Insurance, Mortgage, Tort Law, and Education etc. Customers have the option to use Yonyx’s interactive decision trees as standalone tools or seamlessly integrate them into Dialers or CRM systems like SalesforceZendesk, or ZOHO.

Develop interactive decision trees for troubleshooting, cold calling scripts, medical appointments, or process automation. Enhance sales performance and customer retention across your call centers. Lower costs with customer self-service.

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