Yonyx Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension integration with Yonyx Guides.

Yonyx Chrome Extension enables internal users to access interactive decision trees from an adjustable side panel, thus enabling a split screen view. With the Yonyx Chrome Extension, agents have the capability to navigate through Yonyx guides interactively, step by step, within a side panel. Meanwhile, the main panel can display multiple applications, each in its own browser tab, enabling agents to easily switch between different applications while progressing through the Yonyx decision tree.

Yonyx Chrome Extension displays decision trees in a side panel.

Why Yonyx Chrome Extension?

  • Do call center agents have to continuously switch between the Yonyx screen where they’re navigating decision trees step by step in user view, and other applications?
  • Do call center agents often have so many tabs and windows open that the tab displaying Yonyx interactive guides becomes obscured behind other browser windows, requiring them to waste precious time searching for window/tab containing Yonyx?
  • Do call center agents want the ability to view the Yonyx guides in a split-screen view alongside other applications?
  • Do call center agents wish the Yonyx window could simply read the casenumber/ticketid/phone directly from visible fields of the other application (without API)?
  • Do call center agents desire the Yonyx window to directly retrieve the (for instance) case number, ticket ID, or phone number from visible fields of other applications without involving your developers?

If the answer to any of these is Yes, the Yonyx Google Chrome extension is the answer for you.

Installing the Extension

To install the Yonyx Chrome Extension, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Here for Yonyx Chrome Extension published in Google Chrome store.
  2. Click on Add to Chrome button.
  3. Once downloaded and installed, click on the Manage Extensions icon and Pin the extension.
Yonyx Chrome Extension is pinned after installation.

The blue colored “y” symbol now appears on the browser tool bar.

Click on this “y” to configure it. The screen below appears in the side panel.

Yonyx Chrome Extension is configured by adding a key provided by Yonyx.

Now request a Key from your account manager or Yonyx Sales. Provide the following information with this request:

  1. Your subdomain – when you login to Yonyx, if the URL in the browser address bar shows https://xyz.yonyx.com/* then xyz.yonyx.com is your organization’s subdomain.
  2. LOB ID: This is the ID for the line of business you would like to configure for the side panel. If you only specify the LOB ID for Yonyx Chrome Extension, the corresponding landing page will appear in the side panel. To get the ID of the line of business:
    • Login to Yonyx as an Administrator.
    • Click on the gear drop-down.
    • Choose Administration Console from the menu.
    • Get the id from the line of business you’d like to display in the Chrome Extension.
Yonyx platform supports multiple lines of business. Each LOB has a unique ID.

If you’d like the Chrome side panel to display a specific guide, instead of the landing page consisting of multiple catalogs of guides, please specify the Guide-ID instead of the LOB-ID.

Reading Data via Yonyx Chrome Extension

It is possible to configure Yonyx Chrome Extension to read data from one (or multiple) fields of a browser based application into corresponding Yonyx Placeholders. Setting this up requires no s/w developers from customer end. Please contact your account manager if you need your Yonyx Chrome Extension to be able to read data from another application – e.g. a CRM system, a Phone system, an Order Management system etc.

Yonyx Chrome Extension can read data from browser based applications into Yonyx Placeholders.

Create interactive decision trees for customer service management, cold call scripts or self-service. Improve sales performance metrics and customer delight across your call centers.

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