Client Relationships in Times of Uncertainty

Something must be done to maintain these relationships in times of crisis.
Something must be done to maintain these relationships in times of crisis.

There are many things to be uncertain about in terms of the economy of the United States and the European Union. It’s something that we hoped we would never have to face, but unfortunately, adversity has come knocking right on our front door. There’s no way to escape this inevitability, and those businesses who have not made emergency plans will find themselves in a position of having no assets.

During the Asian crisis, really the only thing that business owners could do was make preparations for the worst. This often included having painful conversations about assessing what their companies truly had in terms of revenue and projected sales. This was a difficult time for a lot of people because many employees were leaving firms or being laid off. This financial crisis was especially bad since projections for future sales were all but set in stone. It caused lots of good businesses to drop brands that they had worked with for years—this was both financially tolling on the business and emotional taxing on the salespeople involved. It hurts to leave a brand that you have built your business around.

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