How to Deliver Customer Service Over Social Media Channels

Over the past few posts, we’ve been looking at the various avenues available to customers these days. These methods include chat programs, email and support tickets, as well as tired and true methods such as phone and face-to-face support. A relatively new method for support are social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. So how is one to go about delivering good service with these methods? Here are some pointers.

Before proceeding, be sure the customer isn’t trying to bait you, or simply has an ax to grind. These customers need to be dealt with, but for this article, we’re referring to genuine problems. As with all customer experience issues, first acknowledge the problem. This is especially important on social media, as not responding in a timely fashion can make your company appear cold and unresponsive. Get in touch with the customer as soon as you can—customer service experts suggest within ten minutes of receiving the complaint. You may want to do this over a private channel, such as direct messaging. While you’re working to resolve the problem, be sure to acknowledge on your page or feed that you are working on it. Again, you don’t want to appear unresponsive. Once you have resolved the issue and performed the necessary troubleshooting steps, return to your page or feed and thank the customer for bringing the issue to your attention.

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