How Far Has Customer Support Gone Today?

Before, companies have provided excellent service to customers and believes that the customer will always be right. It is a standard policy that most types of businesses follow. Customer support has revolved around what the customer needs and it is visible especially when we enter establishments.

Yonyx enables organizations to create multi-media flowcharts that replace the experience of getting help from a call center agent with interactive self-service.

For instance, in stores we always know where to find customer service and everyone knows that this is where customers will go when they have issues with products or services or when they have questions that they wanted managers to answer.

Currently, customer support has become more automated and there are also customer self-service features that allow unassisted online or offline shopping. Has this changed how we view customer support today? Apparently, technology has done a few tweaks here and there but the concept has remained the same.

No matter how technically advanced a company is, customers still need to talk to live representatives especially when it is about issues or problems they have tried to resolve on their own. Since automated support has allowed customers to do their own research for fixes and solutions, relying on customer representatives has become less unless it is their last resort. The truth still remains – customer support will always be about the customers and not about you.

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