Interactive Computer Booklet | Having a Standard Workflow

A call center company has to provide a script to agents so when they interact with the customers they would know what to say. But to rely solely on a script, a company risks getting low rating because customers tend to know the agents are scripted.

Standard workflow in interactive computer booklet
Standard workflow in interactive computer booklet

Customers call because they needed assistance for something and it could be anything about hundreds of topics. It doesn’t matter how effective or efficient your training for your agents. You can’t expect them to memorize all details specifically the content and procedure on resolving repetitive issues.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting & how-to information for customer self-service.

Having a standard workflow is necessary, which can be resolved using an interactive computer booklet. The interactive computer booklet can reduce costs and generate a positive customer experience because agents can follow standard workflow rather than improvise on responses. It serves as a guide alongside the call scripts set by your company.

Therefore, any time-consuming tasks before become automated – reducing agent workload and average handle time. Customers become more satisfied and happy because the procedures are straightforward and well-defined. As a result, the resolution process becomes easier and faster.

Also, the interactive computer booklet allows you to retain all procedures and processes despite the inevitability of staff turnover. Traditionally, when a highly trained staff leaves a company, it often leads to the jeopardy of workflow. The software prevents this from happening because it is already the guide itself.

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