CRM, More Than Just Technology

It is perfectly alright to think about CRM as your company’s database – containing relevant information. But, what people don’t usually recognize is the fact that it is more than just useful technology.

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Perhaps, you believe that CRM is nothing more than just software where you begin interacting and communicating with your customers with the hope that it ends up with sales. If you only believe in this, you are looking at CRM at a wrong angle. Worse, you might end up believing that it is easy to win and manage customers as they come.

Technology is just a piece of CRM and companies that are too focused on acquiring or setting up the best components of IT will only look at it on a “statistics” point of view. However, companies that have implemented healthy CRM systems consider all factors involved, which is not only technology but the entire process and the people, as well.

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In fact, successful CRM systems today are results of careful planning and designating key players for proper customer management. It follows an organizational map, which further streamlines the process. The factors involved namely – technology, process and people – are actually interconnected. Without one of these elements, the improvements made to the system will become futile. Therefore, proper execution and consideration of all key components is important. Fortunately, obtaining a balance between these components is possible with the correct approach.

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