How An Interactive Computer Manual Improves Customer Service Experience


Interactive guides will help your customers solve their problems.
Interactive guides will help your customers solve their problems.

Technology has made everything efficient and less laborious. Customer agents can now turn to other productive activities while their customers are attended to. One tool that technology has provided is interactive computer manual. This manual has made it simple for companies to achieve adequate customer support.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Below is how the interactive computer manual has made customer service better.

An interactive computer manual contains content helpful to the customers. It has all the questions and answers a customer might have regarding a product or service. It has greatly reduced the traffic that occurs in the call center. Customers can quickly access the manual from their laptop or smart phones and get an answer. As your support staff deals with other weighty issues, the computer manual solves simple customer situations.

The support staff is free to alter the interactive computer manual by adding useful information. This happens when surveys show a popular problem facing the customers. They can quickly research the problem and add it to the computer manual. Each time a new issue arises it is added to the computer manual. Customers access a computer manual that is updated and detailed with all the relevant information.

As you can see, having interactive computer manuals can improve your customer service experience.

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