Best Practices For Dealing With Customer Compaints Using Social CRM

Many customers are utilizing social media platforms to voice complaints, and social CRM helps businesses successfully resolve these issues and create a positive customer experience. Here are some of the best practices when using social CRM to respond to customer complaints that a customer support analyst would share.

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Express Your Concern

Before you begin any advanced actions with social CRM, make sure to publicly respond to the complaint with an empathetic attitude. Do not overlook the importance of displaying customer care as you move on to help with troubleshooting the problem.

Ask to Resolve the Issue Privately

While there are benefits to making troubleshooting knowledgebases public, complaints from customers are better resolved in private. You can delve into further details and turn the whole ordeal into a positive customer experience. With a proper decision tree in place, however, resolving the issue can be as easy as supplying a link to a virtual helpdesk.

Start a Ticket for a Customer Service Case

If you have properly implemented social CRM, you can instantly generate a customer service ticket for any customer complaint that needs follow-up support. Treat comments delivered via social media as if they were incoming phone calls. Work through the customer service process until the issue is fully resolved.

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