Common Customer Support Failures and How to Solve Them

Most companies think that when you build a store customers will start coming in – it doesn’t work this way. More specifically, customers won’t keep coming back to you just because you’ve built it for them. Perhaps, this works before but today with the evolution of technology customers have become more tech-savvy.

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Common Customer Support Failures

Unavailability of the Company

More than 50% of customers today are not satisfied because their questions and concerns were not answered either through phone or email. Knowing this, you should start picking up your phone and respond to email. This solution is very simple and is self-explanatory but it takes consistent practice and effort on your part.

In order to stand out among your competition, you must set customer support goals like responding to emails within one or two hours or answer phone calls in not more than three rings.

Inability to Show a Sense of Urgency

A considerable number of customers complain that companies are slow in resolving their issues. This is one of the problems that customers don’t find appealing at all. So, what should you do? Obviously, you should hurry up and deliver solutions right away.

You must show to your customers a sense of urgency because you put them on top of your priority list. Once you failed to show this urgency, you will lose your edge in their eyes.

Since customer support plays a big role in a company, you should demonstrate excellence and expertise in this area.

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