How to Use Social CRM to Expand Your Customer Base via Social Media

Social CRM is a fast catching trend that connects businesses to both existing and potential customers. With millions of people around the world joining the social networking bandwagon, social CRM offers immense opportunities to expand your customer base by delivering an excellent customer experience.

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The first step is to set the objectives of your social CRM campaign. Design your status updates accordingly to reach your target customers and get their attention. If you need to provide creative customer support as well, use social media as a platform for a troubleshooting helpdesk.

To engage your customers, offer interactive activities such as discussions, polls, surveys and hosting contests. Post updates often regarding current industry news, product launches and updated troubleshooting information.

Customer reviews spread over social media sites in no time. If you provide a positive customer experience every time and harness the power of social CRM, you have the opportunity to greatly grow your customer base.

It is also important that you handle customer complaints appropriately. To deal with an agitated customer, responsiveness and willingness to help are key for creative customer support. Try communicating in a casual tone with your customers to foster a friendly rapport based on trust.

By enhancing the customer experience via social CRM, you’ll stay connected to the people who matter most to your business while driving in new clients.

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