Top Three Steps For Creating Great Software User Manuals

One of the most crucial things any software creator can make is provide a great user experience for their customers.  This involves coming up with a software user manual that suits their needs. In this article, we highlight how to create the best software user manual for your customers.

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Figure everything out about your software

It’s critical for you to know how good your software works because if you don’t understand it, how will strangers fair. This will always ensure that the software is made to fit with what customers want, at any given moment. You can make it easier by including your software designers in this phase of the project.

Use screenshots

Always have software user manuals which use screenshots to explain things. Research has shown that people are more perceptive to visual user guides, compared to plain text. Let your software user guide show them clearly, how they should use and troubleshoot your software. This will not only make their work easier, but yield more customer satisfaction.

Yonyx will help you serve better software user manuals, or guides for your customers. Learn more about what it can do for you.

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