Using Positive Language During the Customer Experience

Rather we realize it or not, language is one of the most powerful factors in our lives. The way words are said, sentences phrased and tones used, can make all the difference in our message is received. You can be trying to communicate something positive, but due to poor word choice, it comes out sounding rather negative. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to keep this from happening.

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It requires you to be very conscious of your word choice. For example: a customer is looking for a product, and it is out of stock. What do you tell them? If you say, “I’m sorry, that item is out of stock,” you would be right, but you can spin it in a much more positive fashion. You can turn it around and say: “I’m sorry the item is out of stock. However, I can go ahead and you order you one and set it aside when it comes in.” By paying attention to your phrasing, you indeed told the customer disappointing news, but attached a positive to it, namely offering to order the product for them, thus potentially spinning a negative situation into a positive one.  This skill, like many, takes time to master, but it is one well worth practicing.

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