How to Write Killer Help Desk Knowledge Base Articles

Writing articles that cover help desk knowledge base is tricky. Any helpdesk agent can attest to the same. Not that it is hard, but the kind of information they have to pass and how is the challenge considering the expectations. Here are ways that will guide you create Help Desk Knowledge Base articles customers love.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

A good knowledge base will improve your agent productivity.
A good knowledge base will improve your agent productivity.

Consider the audience

Every article should have a target audience. It is for this very reason your article should always keep in mind the people it is targeting. Provide the right information to your customers in a short but organized manner. Disseminate information they require about all the departments and the service provided.

Have a good topic

Let your topic be an eye candy to your clients. It should be able to direct them to answers on the questions they hold without having to struggle through. It should also be able to describe answers to necessary client questions.

Consider the content

A help desk in an organization should be centre of knowledge. Therefore as an agent your article should be able to pass down knowledge to your clients. The contents in the article should be well researched in order to be free of conflicting ideas about the organization.

Your organization’s Help Desk Knowledge Base determines how much success you can achieve with customer self service. We offer a wide range of help desk aids including Help Desk Knowledge Base articles customers love.


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