Closing the Conversation: Very Important to Customer Service

close a conversation

Photo by George Morina

In the sales and customer service-oriented world, we hear a lot of talk about “closing conversation,”. It means “closing the sale,” the part in the transaction where we ask the customer to buy our product or service. However, it has another, lesser-known connotation: closing a conversation. This is a very important customer service skill. We’ll find out why shortly.

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Essentially, closing a conversation ensures that the customer’s problem or issue is taken care of before sending them on their way. There are three important reasons to close the conversation. That is beyond making sure everything is okay. Let’s have a look at each.

Reasons to Close a Conversation

1) It shows you care about resolving a customer’s problem

2) You will keep working until you get it right

3) The customer gets to determine what’s “right.”

These three factors will go a long way to impressing a customer. It ensures that customers return to your business in the future. Speaking from experience, there is nothing more satisfying than closing the conversation. Also, seeing the look of gratitude that comes from the person’s face knowing that you have solved their problem.

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