How to Maintain A Positive Attitude Towards Complaints

An inevitable aspect of  the customer experience are customer complaints. These won’t necessarily take the form of angry, irate customers foaming at the mouth over a broken appliance, or being overcharged a few cents on a product. Sometimes the customer will approach you in a rational fashion. They will be understandably upset or distressed, but the will keep their calm. Here are some tips for maintaining your composure when handling a customer complaint.

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First, look at it from a cost aspect. Sure, you may have to give the customer something for free, or give them a discount, but remember this: it costs a great deal of money to obtain a new customer, as opposed to keeping a current one happy. Next, look at the complaint as an opportunity to do the job better. Business experts estimate a whopping 96 percent of customers never complain—they simply don’t come back. When a customer does come to you with a complaint, you have a golden opportunity to fix something, and in the process, maybe get some good publicity for your business. Finally, empathizing with the customer is a great way to handle the complaint: simply put yourself in their shoes.

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