Interactive Installation Handbook Configures Cisco VPN on Windows 8

An interactive installation handbook can help configure Cisco VPN on Windows 8. A Cisco VPN is a program that allow computers to access a virtual private network. It also allows users within that VPN to access the available resources within that private network on remote locations.

Interactive Installation Handbook | Cisco VPN
Interactive Installation Handbook | Cisco VPN

The interactive installation handbook can take you through a step-by-step process of configuring the Cisco VPN Client on Windows 8 (if this is the operating system your PC has).

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What is usually included in the interactive installation handbook?

  • Installation of the Cisco VPN on the remote computer. Make sure that the client is already installed on the machine before you can begin the configuration.
  • Prepare all necessary data. The data includes hostname or IP address of remote VPN server, IP security name and the IP security password assigned by the admin.
  • Launch the client.
  • Configure and create new connection entry.
  • Type in your desired name for the new connection entry. You could also fill in the description on the field below the name.
  • Type the necessary data like IP address of remote VPN and hostname.
  • Fill in the Group Access Info, where you need the IP security group you have been assigned. You also need the IP security password assigned to you. Both fields are case-sensitive so be careful what you type.
  • Confirm whether you have the right name on the connection entry.

Now that you have finished, you may now view it under the Connection Entry drop-down menu on the Cisco VPN Client.

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