More Great Social Media Customer Service Tips

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, social media has become the new norm when providing customer service. This can take the form of a Facebook page, or a Twitter feed. It’s not unusual for customers to come to these pages and feeds with issues they’re having with a businesses’ products and services. The previous post gave you a foundation on how to handle social media customer experience issues—now let’s look at a few more.

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Many companies use privacy settings on their social media pages. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, as it can filter out spam posts. But some businesses are moving away from this practice, and allowing customers free and unfettered posting access. Sure, they still get the spam posts from Nigerian princes, but it creates a level of engagement with customers that can potentially translate to greater sales and a better bottom line. Another good idea is not to ignore bad reviews and/or complaints. Instead, take them as an opportunity to engage customers further. And remember, a complaint is a great way to get a customer for life.

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