How To Raise Your Company’s CSAT Scores

Customer Support can make or break your CSAT ratings.
Customer Support can make or break your CSAT ratings.

Raising the bar is what every business strives for. It begins with superior customer service. A high CSAT score is a great measurement of the quality of customer service that any company provides.  The best businesses raise this score as they strive to raise the bar. Here is two ways to raise the vaunted CSAT score:

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  • High First Call Resolution – This a component of quality customer service that can guarantee a raise in CSAT scores. High first call resolution is a positive indicator of excellent customer interaction. The consumer will be delighted when their problems are solved on the first call, and it is no longer a recurring issue that needs to be addressed countless times.
  • Positive Customer Service Interactions – Not engaging in abrasive or stand-offish misconduct is a great way to raise CSAT scores. Treating consumers with the utmost respect and carrying yourself with manners, is a great way to set a positive tone. One of the most frequently made mistakes in customer service, is a representative acting surly or moody with a client. This is a great way to sabotage rapport and diminish CSAT scores.

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