Questions to Think About Before Initiating a Social CRM Campaign

Like most businesses on the cutting edge of customer trends, you probably understand the importance of social CRM and are implementing a campaign. Before you begin connecting with customers over social media websites, ask yourself the following questions and consider consulting with a customer support analyst about your social CRM goals.

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About Your Goals…

  • What added value are we going to provide customers through social CRM?
  • What metrics will we use to analyze successes and weak areas?
  • Are there separate goals for the company as a whole and specific departments?
  • What can we learn from past successes and failures?
  • How long term is the social CRM campaign?

About Your Culture…

  • Are employees and senior level executives adhering to the same set of principles?
  • How can we reward employees and successful social CRM initiatives?
  • What is the culture of our company and how does that impact our presence on social media websites?
  • What are we not willing to discuss publicly?
  • How are we going to respond to customer complaints over social media?

About Your Technology…

  • What tools are required to reach our social CRM goals?
  • How can we combine social media tools with existing technology such as customer relationship management systems?
  • What area of social media are we going to focus on for the social CRM campaign? 

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