What Does It Take to be Successful in Social CRM

Today, we’ve seen many companies delving deep into the realms of social CRM – thinking this must be the answer to our long-time business needs. However, few organizations have succeeded implementing a good social CRM strategy while others are struggling or terribly failed – why? What does it take to be successful in social CRM? How can you ensure that your business is not just embracing it because it’s the latest buzz in the industry?

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The answer is simple – “relationships.” Whether traditional CRM or the evolved social CRM, many organizations tend to think only about customer management while forgetting the entirety of the phrase “customer relationship management.” There is a reason why relationship comes before management and this is because customers are supposed to be the center of all processes involved in CRM.

It is not about managing the customers but allowing customers to manage the relationship specifically in social CRM – where they are the ones holding the reins. Without the customer’s participation in a two-way conversation promoted in social CRM, the strategy is bound to fail and social networks will die without reaping its benefits.

It is imperative the businesses should think about social CRM as a whole and not just the sum of all its parts. Since customers play a major role in this strategy, build a system that will allow them to engage dynamically.


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