Map View Vs. Slide View in Creating an Interactive Software User Guide

Once you’ve decided to create an interactive software user guide, you have option to work in Map View or Slide View within the Yonyx platform. There are advantages to using each view as you set up your interactive software user guide.

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Create an interactive software user guide with Yonyx.
Create an interactive software user guide with Yonyx.

Authoring in Map View

When you start a new interactive software user guide, you must first layout the customer interaction workflow. Following a series of questions, responses and possible solutions, the author creates a network of nodes based on a customer service interaction.

Map View is particularly beneficial during this stage as the author has an overview of the interactive software user guide and ensures that the steps presented to the customer follow a logical workflow.

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Testing & Improving in Slide View

On the other hand, slide view gives the author the perspective of what it would be like for customers to work through the interactive software user guide. During this stage of the creation process, the author is focused on ways to enhance and enrich the guide.

Combining Map View & Slide View

To create the optimal customer experience, the author should take advantage of both map view and slide view. By utilizing each view for its benefits, the author will create a useful interactive software user guide.

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