Common Social CRM Mistakes Made By Businesses All Too Often

Social CRM is a creative customer support platform that can steer your company’s brand image and market share on a favorable path. Fostering customer engagement on social media is beneficial to both your company and customers.

However, many companies commit mistakes and fail to reap the complete benefits of social CRM. Let us take a look at the biggest social CRM blunders that could cause you to wind up worse than when you started.

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Slow or No Response Times

Your social media account is a convenient avenue for customers to reach you. It does you and the customer no good when you don’t reply to customers’ inquiry, complaint or compliment. A lack of social CRM reflects ignorance and lack of care on your part, resulting in a negative customer experience.

No Social Media Updates

Failing to post updates on a regular basis leads to customer disengagement. As part of your creative customer support system, consider providing troubleshooting information and helpdesk insights routinely.

Arguing Publicly with a Customer

No matter how ridiculous a customer’s complaint or comment sounds, you should never reply with hostility. Becoming argumentative deteriorates the customer experience and hamper your company’s image.

Out of the Loop with Current Events

If there has been a catastrophic event, for example, and your company goes on and on about how delicious your burgers are, you’ll lose respect. Marketing via social media when it’s not appropriate can make your social CRM efforts fail.

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