Complaints Coming Left, Right and Center

As you can probably imagine, if you are in any sort of business, then you are going to receive a complaint or two. Trying to avoid getting them is admirable, but highly unlikely, in which case you need to prepare for the types of complaints that will come at you. There are indeed different types of complainers that will come to, no matter the customer experience they come into via your creative customer support. The trick that any customer support analyst will tell you is to be prepared for both kind, but also showing each the same amount of respect you would give to the other. These methods also apply to any complaints on social CRM.
There will be the customers that constantly come to you with complaints. When with these types of customers be very relaxed, while also providing a good customer experience, and handle it at your leisure. These customers are usually just seeking attention. Another type of complainer is a first timer.

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This is more than likely an honest complaint, and should be dealt with as soon as possible, in order to keep that customer’s trust and continued business. All complaints should be dealt with professionally, even when dealing with social CRM.

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