How to Survive Customer Complaints

Sure as the sun will rise in the morning, at some point in the history of your business you will receive a complaint (most likely multiple ones) about the good or service that you are providing. If you somehow avoid this then you should receive some sort of lifetime achievement award or something. Assuming you are an average business though, be reassured that it cannot be avoided, even with an adequate customer experience being provided.  You will receive a complaint from of two types of customers, and while both of them share traits, there are also different ways that you should approach them, even if both are caused by social CRM.
You will receive complaints from your regular or loyal customers, even if they were given an exemplary customer experience. In this scenario, it is important for you to make them feel important. They are loyal to you for a reason, whether it was for your creative customer support or something else, give them good reason for their continued support and make them priority number one. You will also get complaints from casual or social customers that just complain with everyone else.

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While both types deserve the same amount of respect, you can be more relaxed when handling the latter. If dealing with complaints in regards to your social CRM, feel free to ignore the problem if there is no easy solution. A customer support analyst can even deal with some problems.

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