How to Use Positive Language in Customer Service

You probably have some inkling of this concept, but language, and words, are very powerful things. The way we say a particular phrase to someone can make all the difference in how it is received. Simply changing one word can mean someone becomes angry, or someone becomes happy. In the customer service arena, how can you harness the power of language to help enhance the customer experience?

The chief method is to use “positive language.” This means spinning a potentially negative statement into a more positive one. Let’s look at an example: say you run a comic book shop, and a particular comic a customer wants is out of stock. You can simply say: “It’s out of stock—I’m sorry,” and you would be correct in doing so. But think of how you can spin what you just said. You could say something like: “It is out of stock—I’m sorry, but would you like for me to see about ordering a copy for you?” You can then offer to hold the item for the customer when it comes in. Chances are, the customer will want you to order them a copy, and you may have just created a sale.

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