Using Positive Language in Providing Good Customer Service

If you’ve worked in customer service for any length of time, or worked in any field where persuasion is key, then you understand the importance of language and how it works. Sometimes use of one word and one word alone can change the whole meaning and context of a statement. The tone of what is spoken can have a great impact as well on the message. With all of this in mind, it’s important to pay attention to not only what you’re saying to customers, but how you say it as well.

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Let’s say a customer comes to you looking for a particular product, but you’re currently out of stock. You can simply tell them this and more will arrive soon. That’s the truth, but is there anyway you can spin it in a more positive fashion? You can apologize for not having the product in stock, offer to order them one, and instead of telling them it will be in stock “soon,” you can give them a precise time when the product will arrive. By following this example, you have taken a potentially negative situation and spun it into a good one. You won’t be able to do this every time, but just a little tweaking to your delivery can make all the difference.

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