Using the CARP Method to Handle Customer Complaints

When dealing with customers, businesses seem to have a proverbial alphabet soup of acronyms for dealing with the customer experience. One that stands out, and is generally applicable to all businesses is the CARP method. CARP stands for Control Acknowledge Re-focus and Problem Solve. Let’s take a look at the steps in the process.

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The first part is Control, as in, control the situation. Don’t let matters get out of hand. Showing control over a situation instills confidence in the customer. Acknowledge the customer’s problem, and assure them you will take every step possible to take care of the issue. Re-focus the situation by staying on track, and keeping it about the compliant. You can also use this time to find out exactly what issue the customer is having. Finally, Problem-Solve, or troubleshoot, to solve the customer’s problem. There’s a good reason to use the CARP method and provide good customer service, two actually. The first is that if a customer receives bad customer service and the matter isn’t handled effectively, then it can have devastating consequences to the business’ reputation. Second, if you turn the matter around, and handle it well, then you just may have a customer for life.

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