Identifying The Source When Troubleshooting With Interactive Customer Service

Isolating the source of the trouble or the root cause is the goal of troubleshooting.
Isolating the source of the trouble or the root cause is the goal of troubleshooting.

As mentioned knowing the difference between a root cause and customer complaint is marquee for customers, as well . There is a distinct difference between a customer complaint and root cause. Simple rich content equates to automated customer support. Customer self-service is the basis of every troubleshoot and identifying the source is attainable with interactive customer service manuals. Here are sentiments that must be regarded:

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 A customer  complaint is diverse in both subject and type. Customer complaints range in quality and direction, there is no basic complaint. A great example of a customer complaint is the old “my grass is brown and dead”. This is the complaint, the source of this is the root cause.  The root cause of the grass being dead could be a variance of causation.  This could range from insufficient fertilizer, not watering the seedlings enough or some form a parasite. Determining the cause of  the customer complaint is the goal of any troubleshoot and unearthing the root cause will end the problem altogether.

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